Monday, April 4, 2016

My Insta-March 2016 |Smugnificent

I was planning to post this insta monthly round-up a few days ago, but I have spent the last 3 days laying in bed because of horrible back pain. I am still far from fine but I manage to stay seated for a while now so I will try to put this up for you as a change to my continuous circle of sleeping and Netflix.

Similarly with February, maybe because I am getting more and more busy at work or perhaps because I am getting more into Snapchat (@smugnificent), I noticed that I posted a bit less during this month on instagram. Still I post quite often, it remains one of my favourite social media but maybe I am less obsessed compared to some time ago.

This month I stayed in base and enjoyed some nice sunny early Spring days among others, but also some snow. The catholic Easter vacations gave me a nice long awaited break from work to relax and charge my batteries. Since April is expected to be crazy and it already had a shitty start, few days of rest were well deserved. I also had some nice time showing a visiting colleague around Bern, which I find more and more beautiful the longer I live here.

As expected I did quite some shopping and I am now in process of extensively testing a ton of new makeup and care products, so many reviews are coming soon (some are up already). There are exciting new Kérastase releases, new NYX launches in Europe that I wanted to try since long and of course also a variety of new products I got from the Cosmetics Obsession event. I am already head over heals with some of these products and my monthly favourites video will be up in a couple of days if you would like to hear more details. I think I am finally in mood for more fresh and glowy spring makeup so stay tuned...

What was your favourite moment in March? Which product stood out from everything you used this month?


  1. I love how your snaps are always the perfect mix of food and beauty, hehe.

    1. a good balance of food and beauty is crucial for the internet. I just miss a cat hahahaha