Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Zoeva En Taupe eyeshadow palette review |Smugnificent

Zoeva is a really well known German brand mostly famous for its high quality budget-friendly makeup brushes. I have quite a few Zoeva brushes in my collection as I have got the makeup artist Zoe bag set (here in Greek) in the past and I have fallen in love with many which I have shown you in my favourite eye brushes video (here in Greek). 

But one of the most common makeup related questions I am asked has to do with my opinion about the Zoeva eyeshadows. And until recently my only answer was " I am sorry, haven't tried them yet". It is not so easy to get Zoeva in Switzerland (in contrary with most other countries the official website doesn't deliver here) so I jumped to the opportunity of ordering one of their palettes during my last trip to Germany. There is a large selection to choose from mostly of their 10-pan palettes but they also released recently some larger 15-pan ones. In the end I went with a quite unexpected choice, the En Taupe palette, leaving the darker, richer colours for another time.

 The packaging is simple and sleek, there is no actual box but a sleeve identical with the actual palette. There is also no mirror, which is a minus always but not a huge problem for me personally. I love the design, it is very elegant and thin, looks a bit serious and simple but the lines on it change colours as the light hits it. So beautiful... On the back you can find a detailed list of ingredients which doesn't include parabens, mineral oils, phthalates or fragrance. 

 It includes 10 eyeshadows of 1,5gr each and has a combination of warm and cool tones, mostly cool in my opinion which is one of the reasons I chose it. There is also a variety of textures with mattes and satins, even matte with glitter. It retails for 22 euros.

Stitch by Stitch is a cool matte ivory shade. On my skin it doesn't show up at all as it is almost identical with my skintone but this makes it such a nice all over the lid base and to blend other colours. Handmade is a peachy-gold shade very shimmery with great pigmentation. Gallery is such a beautiful crease shade; cool toned matte medium taupe mostly grey. Hour by Hour is a matte medium peachy- beige shade another nice crease shade, with warm undertones. Old master is a matte grey shade with purple undertones and gold glitter. Usually I dislike these glittery mattes but this swatches mostly as matte and it is quite smooth and pigmented, the darkest shade in the palette. 


Spun Pearl is a shimmery cool toned white, great as an inner corner highlight. Sheers & Voiles is grey-beige satin shade; it looks a bit boring at first but in the light it has an iridescent shimmer with lavender sparkle. Outline is a satin almost metallic brownish taupe very rich and pigmented. Wrapped in Silk is also shimmery a bit lighter than outline and more greyish than brown. Exquisite is wonderful cool medium eggplant shade.


All shades swatch, apply and wear beautifully. My only issue with the palette is that it lacks one or two darker shades so it can become more diverse and be used in more occasions. Like this it is appropriate mostly for day looks, more subtle and neutral. I still like the shades included but I usually add a darker grey or taupe to give more definition to the looks I create with this one. But overall the quality of the shadows is really good and I am looking forward to check other Zoeva palettes too. Have you ever tried any Zoeva eyeshadows? If yes, which palette you suggest me to check next? 


  1. The swatches do look beautiful! Shade-wise I think the Cocoa palette is more my cup of tea though.

    1. that is a nice one and very popular I think. It has too many browns for my taste, I think the next one that I would like to try is the cool spectrum one

  2. That's a brand I'm really tempted to try! I like the colours, as I am very basic doing my makeup looks, I almost never wear darker shades :)

    1. I think these shades will look nice on you and light up your face :)