Friday, February 26, 2016

New creations by Celdeconail: gifts and purchases |Smugnificent

In today's post we will not talk about makeup but about my latest additions in my accessories collection; all creations of my lovely Cel (celdeconail). On my latest haul video (here in Greek) where I showed you my makeup purchases but also gifts I had received for the holidays, I promised that I will upload a blog post showing you all my new purchases from Cel and also the things she gifted me. If you follow me for some time you know all about Cel who not only is an amazing friend, a nail and beauty blogger but also a super talented creator of jewelry and deco objects and accessories (plus she is a fantastic mum of the sweetest little girl).

I have shown multiple creations of her on my YouTube videos (her stuff is what I mainly wear; absolutely my style) and also posts. Going through her work bench, checking her new designs and techniques and finding new stuff for me and for presents is one of my favourite things when I visit her and I am always amazed by how she does it (especially for me with my 2 lefts hands, unable to create anything haha). But let's check all my new things and cut the prologue.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Insta-January 2016 |Smugnificent

It is time again for my insta-month post and while choosing the photos one think became obvious, this month was delicious! Coming back from holidays is never easy and January was certainly really full with its ups and downs but I can certainly say it had some cool highlights.

  The only thing I could say I didn't really enjoyed this month was being away from my home for a big part of it. Traveling for work or even for vacation is cool and fun but overall wanderlust is not one of my traits, I love staying home too much hahaha.