Friday, February 26, 2016

New creations by Celdeconail: gifts and purchases |Smugnificent

In today's post we will not talk about makeup but about my latest additions in my accessories collection; all creations of my lovely Cel (celdeconail). On my latest haul video (here in Greek) where I showed you my makeup purchases but also gifts I had received for the holidays, I promised that I will upload a blog post showing you all my new purchases from Cel and also the things she gifted me. If you follow me for some time you know all about Cel who not only is an amazing friend, a nail and beauty blogger but also a super talented creator of jewelry and deco objects and accessories (plus she is a fantastic mum of the sweetest little girl).

I have shown multiple creations of her on my YouTube videos (her stuff is what I mainly wear; absolutely my style) and also posts. Going through her work bench, checking her new designs and techniques and finding new stuff for me and for presents is one of my favourite things when I visit her and I am always amazed by how she does it (especially for me with my 2 lefts hands, unable to create anything haha). But let's check all my new things and cut the prologue.

The first thing I want to show you was a special order I had placed for a hand-mirror decorated with Swarovski. Quite some time ago I had seen a video by MannyMua showing a double sided hand-mirror with built-in light, decorated from one of his subscribers. I wanted one of these like crazy but of course I wanted Cel to decorate it with her style especially for me.

As you can see it is a quite large black mirror, double sided and she decorated it with clear and green (of course) swarovski of various sizes. As we decided on a make-up themed mirror she added nail polish bottles and an eyeshadow, aren't they cute? I am in love with it and it is perfect for traveling but I admit I rarely use the light which is quite harsh and not really makeup appropriate (but there is nothing that could be done about this). The mirror is very sturdy and I know I will have it for many years.

A completely different design than anything I had so far is a metallic red-green ring. I love the old vintage style it has and the kind of Asian air it I feel it has.

Next I have another new design; a ring made of liquid glass in purple and green shades (she knows me so well). It has a silver base when the light falls on it it flickers different shades and shines.

Another light green this time ring. This has a round gold base and a lime green colour with particles that capture the light. Another impressive piece.

I knew I had to have the next ring the moment I laid eyes on it! This is an Alice in Wonderland themed ring, dark blue with silver writing and a silver round base. I am absolutely in love with it.

Next one is certainly a masterpiece, a dragon's breath stone ring. I had seen jewelry with this beautiful stone online and I found them so impressive to the point of breath-taking with the red and orange tones and the blue-purple streaks which seem to levitate inside the glass. This material was extremely popular in vintage jewel making in the 1900s and looks very fitting in silver binding. The moment I saw a similar ring on Cel's hand I had to have one for me!

Another impressive eye-catching ring with a multichrome opal stone on a beautiful silver base. It glimmers green, blue and purple (among others) in the light and it is even more eye-catching when it is combined with matching nail polishes.

I have a soft spot for gothic cameo rings and this one might be one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Three skulls surrounded by the "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" saying. I love the artwork, I love the meaning of the saying, this ring soon became a favourite.

I have also two necklaces to show you, the first one inspired and matching my favourite everyday Gorjuss bag. I love the artwork a lot and this is cute and subtle but still very beautiful.

The last piece is a necklace in dark blue and purple tone, in the same technique as one of the rings  showed you. Again this one catches the light and looks different from different angles. This one comes in a silvery base that allows it to be worn also as a brooch if you would like that.

These are in a few words my new pieces from Cel's deconails. It is very hard to chose a favourite really I am so in love with the style of her creations. Which ones do you like the most? Don't forget to check her etsy and storenvy stores to find a wide variety of designs and remember that you can contact her on her Facebook page for questions and custom-made orders. And a quick reminder, Cel has created the code SMUG10 for all my subscribers to get 10% off for any purchase over 15 dollars at her etsy or storenvy stores, so be sure to use it!


  1. Amazing as always!!All of Cel's creations are stunning!Since I have a love for rings,when I wear one she has made I stare at my hand frequently :D <3 <3

    1. I love rings more than any type of jewelry too. And I love all my rings by her. Of course I stare my hands all the time too when I am wearing them hahahaha <3

  2. These really are unique pieces, nice!

    1. Thank you, I think so too, I find all her creations quite unique :)