Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Insta-Spring 2017 |Smugnificent

As you might have noticed it is been quite some time since I have uploaded an insta-post. I was always on schedule with these in the past but I realised that some months I just ended up posting almost all my instagram photos from that month and I did not feel like the posts offered something to the ones who follow me on instagram. Therefore, I decided to upload these in a seasonal basis. Like this, I enjoy more preparing the posts and I making a small trip down the memory lane of the last few months in order to chose some of the photos that stood out for me.

So this Spring, I travelled quite a lot for work in March and April, maybe a bit more than I wanted. I am like a house cat if you get to know me, travelling is nice provided that it is not too frequent and I get to enjoy my home... Back to back travelling with my work rhythms on top is just exhausting. However, I had quite a nice time  and I have some wonderful memories from these months, during my trips and back in Bern.