Thursday, May 25, 2017

A 15sec shower mask? Sign me in! |Smugnificent

I have another skincare review for you today where I am talking about one of my favourite new additions in my skincare routine. Recently I uploaded a video with some "short" skincare product reviews on my channel (check it in English or Greek). However, after I edited the video (and deleted the footage), I realised that somehow the last few minutes were corrupted and the English video was cut off very abruptly. And why is this relevant to this post? Because these missing minutes was me raaaaaving about Blithe's Soothing & Healing Green tea Patting Water Pack; wow that's a mouthful...

So since the footage disappeared I decided to upload a blog post about this product because I am liking it a lot and I really feel the need to share the love! I ordered this recently from eBeautyandCare, a Swiss online store with a great variety of Asian Cosmetics about which I have talked many times. So let's see why I got so much into this product and why I am so excited to review it for you despite my video fail.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Trying out Lush skincare |Smugnificent

About a month and a half ago I was invited to attend the 15th anniversary of Lush here in Switzerland, at their first store here in Bern. I already loved the Lush store here in Bern; it is one of the few stores I visited my first day in the city. And that's when I got my Lush card, my first store card here even before I decided to move here. I was amazed by the renovation of the store close to the style of their flagship store in Oxford street in London. Very clean, very eco-friendly as expected by Lush, certainly a joy to shop there.

Besides presenting us the new look of the store, we had the opportunity for a very thorough presentation of the Lush skincare line with demonstration of several products resulting in specific recommendations based on our skin type and needs. I have tried very few skincare products by Lush so far and I am a known skincare junkie so I was pretty intrigued to try out the products they recommended for me and let you know how it went.