Thursday, May 25, 2017

A 15sec shower mask? Sign me in! |Smugnificent

I have another skincare review for you today where I am talking about one of my favourite new additions in my skincare routine. Recently I uploaded a video with some "short" skincare product reviews on my channel (check it in English or Greek). However, after I edited the video (and deleted the footage), I realised that somehow the last few minutes were corrupted and the English video was cut off very abruptly. And why is this relevant to this post? Because these missing minutes was me raaaaaving about Blithe's Soothing & Healing Green tea Patting Water Pack; wow that's a mouthful...

So since the footage disappeared I decided to upload a blog post about this product because I am liking it a lot and I really feel the need to share the love! I ordered this recently from eBeautyandCare, a Swiss online store with a great variety of Asian Cosmetics about which I have talked many times. So let's see why I got so much into this product and why I am so excited to review it for you despite my video fail.

So this product which is alternatively known also as Blithe's Patting Splash mask is an innovative product from the Korean brand Blithe. It supposedly offers you the benefits of a 20min sheet mask while you take a shower; you just need to spend 15sec. It contains lactic acid (AHA) and a mixture of fruit and botanical extracts and oils including green tea extract and tea tree leaf oil. This combination of highly concentrated ingredients aims to cleanse the pores, make the skin smoother and brighten and soothe it in the same time. It contains no parabens, mineral oils or any perfume.

There are 2 recommended ways to use this: One is to dilute it in water in a bowl in a 1:100 ratio, mix it, splash it on your face and pat it until it absorbs. I haven't tried this one since it sounds like too much work to be honest. But I am in love with the second way to use it. Just take your shower regularly and at some point (after washing your face) splash a capful on your face and pat it. Afterwards splash your face with water from the shower and pat well for 15sec. The splashing and patting might seem a bit weird if you are not used to Korean skincare products but it is supposed to help a lot with the absorption of all the ingredients. Each bottle contains 200ml which is calculated for about 30 uses.

I admit that I was convinced that this is a gimmick and I had super low expectations but I had read many great reviews so I gave it a go. I have fallen in love since day one. The first couple of uses were a bit awkward: "Do I splash it all at once?", "Do I do the patting thing correctly?", "Should I pat while I am washing it off under the shower?". However I quickly found the best way that works for me so it is going fine. But remember, keep your eyes and mouth tightly closed. Even after the first time, I really felt like I just have had a nice facial. And this sensation remains after each use. Currently I am using it in the shower when I wash my hair, every 2 or 3 days and the other days of the week I will use a regular mask or a face mask. The evenings after I use this I am skipping my exfoliating toner to avoid too much acids. And I love how my skin feels. I think this would be perfect if you are like me and you want to add something more easy and quick in your routine. But it is also great for people who just want something quick and simple and building up a complicated routine with many steps just scares them. I actually think this would be a brilliant skincare product for guys too. Not a lot of fuss but obviously results. I am curious to see also the long term results of this on my skin and I know for sure I need to try more Blithe products, especially the other splashing masks.

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