Sunday, April 10, 2016

EBeauty and Care Korean skincare haul |Smugnificent

I realised that it is been ages since I posted a haul post on the blog. I know that people love my haul videos and most of the times I let things gather and then they end up being too many for a post. So this time when I was opening my order from eBeauty and Care I immediately decided; this is a good amount of stuff for a haul post.

eBeauty and Care is a Swiss online store which is ran by Laetitia, one of the sweetest and nicest bloggers I have met in Switzerland. I knew since long that we shared a love about Korean Beauty with her, talking about Memebox orders when they were still shipping in Europe and when she ended up opening an online store delivering Korean products to Switzerland, Germany, France and Belgium I was thrilled. The store recently celebrated its first year anniversary and I am here to show you the things I included in my latest order.

When I was browsing online the 2 things I had in mind to get was a cleansing oil and some sheet masks. Well this aim was accomplished but of course I didn't manage to just get these (overachiever even in shopping hahaha). I am still not completely through my Real Art cleansing oil by Etude House but I will soon be and although I love cleansing balms the most I find having a cleansing oil around always handy. This time I decided to get the Seed Blossom calming cleansing oil by Holika Holika. I have heard great things about this and I have also seen a raving review from the lovely Mon Petit Quelque Chose. It comes in a plastic bottle of 300ml with a pump and smells really nice and floral. Its main ingredients are olive oil and sunflower oil combined with other plant oils and extracts. A product that I had never heard about but caught my attention is the Premium Tomato Whitening Essence by Skinfood. Well this is supposed to brighten dull skin, lighten marks from blemishes and improve skintone in general so how could I resist? It contains 30% tomato extract, glycerin and it is rich in vitamins. It comes in a plastic bottle of 50ml with a pump and it has a nice liquid consistency as most Essences

I think I have never tried a Mizon product until now so when I saw the Honey Black Sugar Scrub I was intrigued. It comes in a pot of 90gr and contains 35% black sugar powder for exfoliation but also glycerin and oils for hydration, vitamin E for elasticity and lemon and green tea extracts to calm the skin. A face exfoliant which claims to leave the skin radiant, smooth and also nourished sounds interesting for sure. Ok I admit I got the next product because of the packaging, how could I resist? The Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack are patches for the nose area to clean pores and remove blackheads. I had never had a lot of luck with nose patches so far but this comes with 7 pieces and it has the cutest drawing of an elephant blowing away the blackheads with (and from) his trunk. Irresistible.

As I said I wanted to get some sheet masks and I was very excited to see some new additions that I have not tried so far. There is a new line of Tony Moly masks which is called I'm Real. I got the Tomato mask sheet radiance and the Red Wine mask sheet pore care. They are described as 3-layer pulp masks which I have no idea what it is but I am looking forward to try them out!

The next mask I went for is by Innisfree and is called It's real squeeze mask strawberry. I love strawberries; this sounds amazing, aims to brighten the skin and it is also a 3- layer mask (am I leaving under a rock and everyone is releasing these type of masks now? I needed to step up my Korean masks game obviously). I also got a mask by THE FACE SHOP , the real nature Shea Butter mask, which is a nutritious and also firming mask especially good for dry skin but I thought it is always good to have a nice hydration mask for when you need it.

The Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip patch is one of the few different lip patches I have tried in the past. This are cute gel-type lip shaped masks that moisturise your lips leaving them smooth and soft. The packaging is super cute and they have a bit of berry taste. Another product with super cute packaging is the Tony Moly Panda's Dream eye patch. They have bamboo extracts and they moisturise the area around the eyes helping with dark circles and fine lines. And they have a panda on them, a freaking adorable panda; because they are designed to look like panda eyes applied. Kawaii level 100! And from a practical point of view these also look very good; most eye patches will either cover only your undereye area or will cover your whole eye, but these go around so I need to check how convenient they are. I am a person who incorporates my beauty routine into my daily life and activities (I have a face mask on when I am ironing etc), I ain't got time for 20 minutes laying with my eyes closed, so these look promising.

Another unconventional type of mask I got to try is the Skinfood Pine Nut & She Butter nail mask. I have used a similar nail mask in the past from Kocostar and it worked wonders for my nails and cuticles so I really wanted to get one again. There are 10 little "masks" for your nails in there and feels like a perfect nail salon experience. And yes I got yet another hand cream by Etude House, from the My Castle collection because this is the most adorable hand cream packaging ever and I wanted to try out one more scent so I went for the forever rose one this time that smell well like roses.

Laetitia included a super cute cat hair elastic in my package (and some chocolate but this is long gone haha) and it is absolutely sweet especially for cat lovers like me. She was also very kind and offered a discount code to all my readers for their orders from eBeauty and Care! Just use the code SMUGNIFICENT for 10% off on the webshop! 

I am looking forward to use these products and talk to you about them maybe in a favourites or empties video in the future and I also want to try even more from the new face masks in the shop and keep you posted of course through facebook, instagram or snapchat so stay tuned. Have you tried any of these Korean beauty products? Do you enjoy sheet masks and if yes which are your absolutely favourite ones that I need to try?


  1. What a great haul! This is what I love with eBeautyandCare : The products are great and prices affordable. So in one haul, you can have so many great gems! It's like Christmas at every order! ��

    1. exactly, I love this too. And also the great variety of brands :)

  2. Ooooh fantastic haul! Can't wait to hear more.

    1. I started trying out the products so I will come back soon with more info :)