Monday, April 25, 2016

New releases by Kérastase: Discipline Curl Idéal, L' Incroyable Blowdry |Smugnificent

I am back today with a review of many recent releases from Kérastase, one of my favourite (if not my top favourite) hair brands. I was sent these packages by Paoletti Public relations to try them out and I was very excited especially since I was looking forward to one of these releases a lot!

If you follow me since some time you know that my absolute favourite Kérastase line is Discipline, a great line of products targeting my main problem: frizziness! So now Kérastase released some additional products in the line under the name Discipline Curl Idéal targeting specifically unruly curly hair. And as the original line has Diana Vishneva as her face, this one has another great dancer with beautiful rich curly hair, Linda Celeste Sims. But let's see the products a bit closer.

Kérastase created this line to offer smooth movement and protection from frizziness to curly hair.
The formula of the products is based on Pro-Keratine and hydrolysed Elastine. These products have the highest concentration of Pro-Keratine than any other from the brand and this offers elasticity to the hair fibers and definition to the curls. 
The product that caught my attention immediately and the one I loved the most in the line is the shape-in-motion Cleansing Conditioner. This is quite a unique idea, combining a product that gently cleanses the hair while keeping them soft and conditioned. It contains no silicones or sulfates and comes in a large packaging of 400ml with a pump. The ingredients not only offer elasticity but make the hair surface smoother and the hair stronger. The low-poo technology cleanses gently the hair, removing impurities but without strong chemicals.  I love the pump and it is advised to use 4-6 pumps to wet hair and gentle massage it. I have only used it once as a cleansing product without using shampoo and many times as a conditioner. The reason is that although I feel my hair clean after using it, I use a lot of styling products that cause a lot of built-up so I always want to be sure that I cleanse my hair well. I believe this is more appropriate for people that want to cleanse their hair daily and need a more gentle cleanser. But me? I think I found my favourite conditioner that smells wonderfully and makes my hair bouncy and soft after each use.
The shape-in-motion Mask Curl Idéal comes in the classic Kérastase mask packaging, containing 200ml. It shares the same ingredients to achieve voluminous but frizz-free, shaped curls with controlled movement. This one contains also silicone to help reduce the excessive volume. It is a really nice mask and I enjoy using it but I admit I love the original Discipline mask a lot as I found they work similarly and that one has a more appealing scent to me.

The line contains two styling products the Oléo-Curl, a definition and suppleness cream. Containing the same base ingredients, it smooths the curls and define them without making them look heavy and overly styled. It is also enriched with xylose, which offers thermo-protection when used with heat styling tools.So this leave-in cream acts like a styling cream and a thermoprotector in one. It comes in a tube, containing 150ml. As you know I love Kérastase thermo-protective creams, especially when they are combining  multiple uses based on your different needs. The last product is the Mousse Curl Idéal, a definition bounce care mousse. I admit I love cream products much more than mousses but this one really stole my heart. It defines the curls, leaves no sign of frizziness and gives a natural soft finish. The days I just want my hair to look natural but a bit polished I apply this and I am so happy with the result. This contains additionally an algae extract and glucose that help the curls to keep their bouncy shape.  It comes in a metal packaging containing 150ml of product.

Another relatively new release from the brand is the Fondant Densité, an addition to the Densifique line for voluminous, fuller hair. When that line was launched it didn't include a conditioner and this is now a bodifying conditioning cream enriched with Stemoxydine, hyaluronic acid and intra-Cylane. It is a nice product that I enjoy using but I feel that you could see its full potential in finer hair as with the rest of the products of the Densifique line. It comes in a 200ml tube.

Another  favourite of mine is the L' Incroyable Blowdry, a new product from the Couture Styling line. This one comes in a unique gray-silver packaging of 150ml with a pump and it is a reshapable heat lotion. Wait what? Another heat-protector? Well yes, but what is so special with this one is that it offers really long wear hold and re-positionable shape control while keeping the hair natural looking. So this product uses Stimuli Responsive Styling technology and heat sensitive micro-waxes that allow for styling and restyling. It offers thermo-protection up to 230ºC, anti-frizz control for 96 hours (in up to 80% humidity) and it also "remembers" the shape of the hairstyle and it reactivates with heat styling tools even at lower temperatures of 150ºC. Sounds perfect? Well it is pretty good for real. We had some pretty shitty rainy weather lately and I have used this with straightened but also curled hair and it held up really well. In addition I tried to refresh my hairstyle using my straightener in much lower temperature and it worked really well.

Another thing that I really liked is that these releases were accompanied by beautiful booklets with gorgeous drawings. The Book of Curls has A-Z tips on how to take care and style your curl hair (I believe you could download this in a pdf form from the UK or US website) and it has become one of my favourite coffee table books lately. The Couture Blowdry brochure is a thinner but wonderfully made booklet with step by step instructions on different hairstyles. I wish Kérastase keeps releasing this because, well I find them fantastic! I actually discovered that there is a book of braids and download it and it looks great too.

I hope you will excuse the long post but I am pretty hyped about these releases and once more I am very pleased with Kérastase's new launched especially now with these products really attending to my needs. Have you tried any of these new launches and are you excited about any of them?


  1. The new launches unfortunately aren't right for me/my hair, but I was very glad to make someone else happy with them.

    1. Yes you made somebody really happy with this giveaway, these are great products!

  2. So gutted by the change I loved the old oleo-curl leave in conditioner made my hair feel great and also smelled great to. This new product just doesn't work for me at all. I used to recommend it to everyone. Will be on the look out for a new product. Sad customer