Monday, November 14, 2016

Plumper skin with Revitalift Filler |Smugnificent

I have made numerous times clear my obsession with skincare both here and on my channel. So trying out skincare products is definitely my kind of thing. As you know I was away on vacation after the last few crazy months and soon after I got back home, I got a package in the post from Coolbrandz with L' Oreal' s latest skincare line.

I didn't had the chance to read a lot about the line beforehand but the moment I read that the L' Oreal Revitalift Filler [HA] has hyaluronic acid in I was immediately sold. I was very pleased with my current skincare routine but I have been always pleased with the results of hyaluronic on my skin so I was thrilled to test a more budget-friendly line.

The magic thing with hyaluronic acid is that it is the best to retain moisture. It exists naturally in our skin but as we grow older it gets more scarce. Young skin retains moisture better and is plump and fuller while ageing skin tends to lose moisture so it is less firm. Using hyaluronic acid can increase the ability to keep moisture and also makes the skin feel softer and plumper. It is a miracle worker fir all skin types and it is usually lightweight and good even for sensitive skin and it even has anti-oxidant properties. One of my favourite ever skincare products, my beloved Rodial dragon's blood hyaluronic mask has -oh well as the name says- hyaluronic acid!

The new L' Oreal Revitalift Filler [HA] line consists of four products: a day and a night cream, an eye cream and a serum. The line is most appropriate for women older than 40 years old and it has the higher concentration of hyaluronic acid than all L' Oreal products so far. It claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, to make contours look fuller and skin look plumper and bouncy. I might not be 40 yet but I am quite close and I cannot resist to adding hyaluronic in my skincare.

The Revitalift Filler [HA] day cream is a really nice day moisturiser. It has a relatively light consistency and it is easy to absorb. It is still quite rich though so I would not suggest it to a 20 year old. I would not say it is a miracle cream but using it consistently in combination with the rest of the line really made my skin soft, very hydrated and a bit plumper. The Revitalift Filler [HA] night cream on the other hand is my favourite product of this line. It is much richer but still has a similar consistency and it is not sticky. Most importantly, it feels like an overnight sleep mask and you can already see a difference after a first few uses. I absolutely love this one and I think the results are very similar to the ones of much more expensive products. I definitely recommend this to almost everyone who wants to give a moisture boost to her skin. It can be used every night or alternating with the day one for the ones who don't want such an intense treatment. Both creams also contain Fibroxyl plant extract which claims to has firming properties.

The Revitalift Filler [HA] serum is maybe the most advertised product in the line, also because of the innovative packaging. It comes with a fancy applicator that supposedly delivers the correct daily dose. The product is quite nice although it does not feel more potent than the night cream by itself. I have seen that it is recommended to use around 5-6 small clicks of this per use but in this case the 15ml are really a very small quantity, much smaller than the average 30ml serum. I find the applicator a bit gimmicky and I am annoyed by the fact that not only the quantity is small but it is not easy to get all the product out. It feels like I used it up really quickly although I usually don't apply more than 3 clicks per use. Not a bad product, it feels nice and applies easily and it makes the skin softer but overall the night cream works much better and is a better value for money.

The Revitalift Filler [HA] eye cream comes in a 15ml tube with a metallic double-sided nozzle that makes the application easy, effective and pleasant. The applicator fits great in the hollow of the under-eye contour area while the other side is flat and perfect to massage the cream leaving a cooling effect. The cream is light and feels lovely and I have actually seen results from using it. Finding decent eye creams is quite difficult for me but I like this one quite a bit and as all products in the line it will not break the bank.

Overall, the Revitalift Filler [HA] line by L' Oreal is one of the best budget skincare lines I have tried and it might be my favourite by the brand. The 2 products that stood out for me is the night cream and close behind it the eye cream. I don't feel like my skin needs require that I continue using the whole line but I can certainly see incorporating these products in my routine in combination with other loved ones, especially the night cream which is really just a delight to use. 
What about you? Have you tried these new products by L' Oreal or any other skincare products with hyaluronic acid?


  1. Oh wow, you really sound convinced, that's great!

    1. I sure am, especially with the night cream. My skin responds very well to products with hyaluronic that is why they are on top of my skincare list. I am not a huge fan of the serum though, I expected more.