Sunday, November 6, 2016

Another insta-post: Autumn edition |Smugnificent

I am finally back after a looooong hiatus and what is better than a recap of what I have been doing during these last few months. Well to be honest that shouldn't be a difficult recap as most of this time I woke up, I worked and I slept; oh that fascinating lifestyle hahaha. And afterwards I went on vacation; my first vacation days of 2016, finally. Although the whole last year was very stressful for me and I had to make a lot of small or large "sacrifices", retrospectively I really think that I came out stronger and more confident and more determined that I can achieve anything I want to. So that is for sure a good thing. 

I think the most important thing for me during this period was submitting my Thesis and defending successfully my PhD. I am still working in the same field as a post-doctorate fellow so I continue doing things I love from another position. For all the fun not working moments I have included a ton of pictures, mainly food related I have to admit so be prepared as this might be the most photo-heavy and mouth-watering post ever on this blog!

Food was obviously a very important thing during these last months as I found some new food places and enjoyed new delicious food  but I also dived in to a lot of old favourites. Dunkin' Donuts opened up in Bern and I finally got to try them but I was mostly happy about the Asia festival where I ate some incredible Thai and Vietnamese food and I found out about a great Korean restaurant here. After trying Korean BiBimbap in Germany earlier this year I am thrilled that I am able to eat it here! I travelled to London for work where not only I ate some amazing burgers (I am never too happy with the burger joints here) but I also had the experience to be invited at a work dinner at the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College, known to be one of the most wonderful dining rooms in the world. I didn't have any time to wonder in London but everything went great with work and soon after I returned I defended my PhD and that went really better than I even expected. After I struggled but managed to keep all my important work deadlines I finally took some time of vacation and spend 2,5 weeks in Greece. There I had some relaxing time which I much needed and I would say I spent maybe my most calm vacation ever. I slept a lot and spent most of time with my family and close friends. I also spent time with the cutest dog on earth, my friend's dog Luna who you have all seen many times on my social media. I went to many new places, ate all my favourite things, drank amazing cocktails, beer and much coffee. I also drank the sweetest chocolate in my life, served with a doughnut; a beverage which could easily be named liquid diabetes to be honest hahaha.  


I returned to Bern rested and more relaxed together with my mum just in time to decorate my home for Halloween, which although it is not really celebrated in Switzerland (or in Greece) it is something that brings me joy so that is what matters! In the meantime, I indulged into buying a lot of skincare during these last few months, re-organising my skincare stash and giving away the things that don't suit me. As always I hunted down the cutest stuff and accessories, including my Princess Peach Vans and I have been obsessing over the wonderful presents I got for my PhD defense, like my new wireless Sony headphones and the cutest Hello Kity instax camera. I also absolutely love my new Samsung S7 edge and its gorgeous cases made by my lovely Cel. I have so many new products to show you and review now that I am back and my latest obsession is no other than planning! Oh my, Etsy can be such a dangerous place sometimes...
 So overall I am ready for winter, ready to get back to my schedule and get back into enjoying many things I missed a lot lately...


  1. Congrats again on the successful PhD defense! And yes, I always love your food pics :-) Food is important!

    1. Thank you very much Melissa :) You know I enjoy your food pics too. Food lovers united :)

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