Saturday, December 3, 2016

Let your senses dive in a wonderfully scented home with Rituals |Smugnificent

If you follow me since long on social media you already know that I am addicted to candles. I have a considerable stock of candles I love and I know for sure that my collection would be out of control if I lived in UK or US where I could find my favourite candles in more budget-friendly prices and most importantly a larger variety. But what you might not know is that I am obsessed with all scented products and I am always a bit sad that I cannot use candles in all rooms in my house.

Rituals, one of my favourite brands for care and home products, released a whole new collection of home scented products (additionally to the extensive line they already  have). I have tried several candles and fragrance sticks by Rituals but when I saw Melissa's video with the new releases I run to get the new wardrobe sachets and ended up getting some more things; naturally. So let's dive in!

The thing I really wanted to get as soon as I saw it on Melissa's video is the Rituals wardrobe sachets. My closets and drawers are always filled with perfumed sachets and soap bars, there is nothing better than beautiful scented clothes (and underwear, am I the only one who packs her underwear drawer with cotton scented soap?). But I have never seen such a nice looking, wonderfully made sachet before. There are 3 available scents so far but I went for my favourite Rituals scent (you know I am obsessed) which is Ayuverda. Indian rose and sweet almond is such an amazing combination and I have tried nearly every product in the body and hair care line and now also in the home line. Each package contains 2 sachets of 60gr each which look very luxurious and smell incredibly even before opening the packaging. These are supposed to last 8-10 weeks and each set retails for 24chf.

So since I was getting all these stuff from the Ayuverda line and since my Happy Buddha ones are almost done, I picked up the Ayuverda Fragrance Sticks. I really like the Rituals fragrance sticks, they last very long and they give out a subtle and pleasant scent. I think they are absolutely great for people who are not huge candle lovers and they are also very decorative; actually all products in this line are. There are regularly 6 scents to choose from (but also new limited edition ones from time to time) and they come with a set of sticks and 230 ml of liquid. The full product retails for 37chf which I consider a great price as they last forever and you can afterwards buy a refill bottle for 33chf. I am really considering getting one of these (maybe the Sakura ones as they are more fresh) for my office, I could try one of the minis to see how my colleagues will react, these are 19chf for 50ml so not such a great deal but they will look very cute on my desk and if everyone is ok with it we can get the full size.

One of my main issues is always how to scent my bedroom, as I am a bit afraid of using candles in there but I am also quite clumsy so I know that if I use fragrance stick I will at some point end up knocking them over when I get up in the middle of the night. So this new Rituals Maitre du parfum is a home perfume tassel and it immediately caught my eye in the store. It is just a decorative tassel, looking quite cool hanging from a door knob outside my closet. The centre part of the tassel is made to hold and release the fragrance and it comes with a 13ml bottle of fragrance oil and of course I chose the Ayuverda one, from the 3 available. You just put a few drops of oil in the centre and leave it there and you can put more drops whenever needed. I am using this since quite some time and you can really smell it when you get in the room but it is not overpowering so exactly what I wanted for my bedroom. It retails for 38chf but you can just get the oil separately after you use it up for 24chf.

Last I left a gift with purchase as when I visited the store they were giving a set of 2 mini candles from the private collection with purchases over a limit. I can still find this offer on their website for purchases over 65chf so it looks it is still valid but I don't know for how long. This is an excellent gift as you get the chance to try 1 candle from the white line (green cardamom) and 1 from the black line (incense). Their private collection are the fancier candles from rituals which retail 39chf in full size but you can also get them as a set of 4 mini candles (black or white) for the same prize, meaning that this gift has a value of around 20chf. They also come in a nice packaging in case you want to give them to someone else instead of keeping them.

In general I consider all these products as wonderful ideas for presents especially around Christmas. You can find a lot of presents or even stocking stuffers for your loved ones and getting them a scented product for the house can be a really nice and fresh idea. If you want to go with a more classic approach, Rituals have dozens of gift sets for different budgets. This is actually how I was introduced to the brand few years ago and now I am just obsessed. I really hope the brand will be soon available in more countries so also my Greek readers can try it but I definitely recommend you to give it a go if you see it at an airport while travelling even if it is new to you. Let me know what you use to scent your home.


  1. Woot! :-D Glad my video inspired you to get a couple things! I'm a huge fan of Rituals' home fragrances.

    1. I loved the candles and the sticks and now I love everything else too! I don't need much enabling girl but you are an enabler ;)