Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Using glass tools for your hand and foot care: my Mont Bleu review |Smugnificent

I have admitted it many times, taking care of my hands and feet is one of the beauty related things I hate the most. It is absolutely necessary and I do it but it is not something I enjoy so I am always on the look for products and tools that will make this task simpler and my life easier.

I have heard a lot about how much better are glass files for your nails and that they make filing easier and prevent split nails but so far I had only tried a glass nail file once and I was not fully convinced as it felt really different so I did not pushed myself to keep using it. But I always had it in mind that I should at least give them another decent try. Few weeks ago I was contacted by Mont Bleu, a Czech company known among others for their high quality glass nail files, to receive and try some of their products so I thought this is a great opportunity to give glass files another go.

First item that I have tried is a glass scraper foot file. It is nicely made, has a lovely purple colour and it feels thick and relatively heavy which is important so it will not break easily. This was very easy to use as all foot scrapers and did a pretty decent job with my feet. An advantage of a glass scraper is as with all these glass tools that it is easy to wash, clean and disinfect so it can last long if you take good care of it. Overall, I was really impressed with it and it has already become the tool of choice for my regular foot care routine.

 Next, I tried one of the Mont Bleu nail files which come with a built in hard case. The hard case makes this great to carry around in your hand bag and protects the otherwise sensitive glass file from breaking. Glass files should be used in a similar way with other nail files, filling your nail from the corner to the middle always in the same direction. The advantage of the glass file is that it seals the keratin layers at the edge of the nail together, preventing peeling and splitting. Some people suggest that you could even file your nails in both directions when you use a glass file but I am not a nail expert and I would not advise this with any file if you want to protect your nails. Again as it is made of glass it is easy to sterilise and clean which is great. First time I used this, it felt different than regular nail files but I soon got used to it and I am very happy with the result as it files the nails quickly and in a uniform way. I have this with me all the time in my handbag, protected by its hard case.

 Continuing with the purple theme (I love purple you know this) I received a glass cuticle stick. This is dual ended, relatively shorter and thicker than most cuticle sticks that I used so far, but it is as easy to use as all of them. Most cuticle sticks are not for long term use but this can be sterilised and cleaned so you avoid having to purchase sticks again and again as you need to do e.g. with the wooden ones. Last but not least I got a small waterfall glass file decorated with crystalised swarovski elements. This one is just adorable and you can find it also in regular size and comes in a textile, velvet like sleeve to protect it. Although it is small, it still works nicely for filing your nails.

I was very positively impressed with all the glass products I received from Mont Bleu and I have added all of them in my routine. I still don't love filling my nails but glass tools make the job easier and help me prevent nail splitting which is a common problem I have with my sensitive nails. If you want to find the Mont Bleu files you can check their e-shop where you could also use the code BLOG to get 20% off or on Amazon. You can also check their website if you would like to learn more about these products. 

Have you ever tried Mont Bleu products or some other glass nail files? What do you think about them and how do you compare them with regular nail files? Are you one of these weird people you enjoy filling their nails and what would you advise me so I can enjoy that a bit more and find it less boring?

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