Monday, August 8, 2016

My Insta-June/July 2016 |Smugnificent

I cannot even believe that it's been 2 whole months since my last post but to be honest, I cannot even believe how these months past. As I have explained you in this video (here in Greek) I am taking some time off from vlogging and blogging mainly for work reasons. And I really have passed every single day working my ass off but I am seeing great results so I will not complain.

 It was hard to not go back to Greece this summer or take any vacation days but I am now 4 years in Switzerland and I know that even the busier times are filled with wonderful little moments. I just have put together a selection of photos from June and July in this double insta-post to recap all the non-working moments of these months.

My summer started off amazingly at the Sonisphere festival in Luzern. I am not the festival type and the weather was horrible but no rain or mud can't stop me from listening live to some fantastic music and watching Slayer again and finally watching Rammstein for the first time. I spend the rest of June and July in Bern focusing on work and writing my Thesis. I started planning using my new Happy Planner and I have developed a small addiction to planning supplies. My little free time I relaxed with good friends and nice food. And much sleep as I could. And Pokemon Go, a lot of Pokemon Go, haha!

Staying so much time in resulted in a lot of online shopping, a looooot indeed! I have been trying some great new releases, I fell in love with many new products and  I have been putting a lot more weight to my skincare. And I have to admit I am very happy with the results: my stress might be hitting red but I have minimum breakouts; better than ever! I missed filming and blogging though as I really want to share with you all my findings! Until things cool down a bit I am happy to interact with all of you on instagram and snapchat! I hope you are all having a great summer!


  1. Yay, good to see another update! But yeah, you deserve your time off, for sure. Good to hear your skin is responding so well to your more intense skincare regimen.

    1. thank you! I am so looking forward to some real time off at the end of September :) Yes, I always spend a lot of effort with skincare but I have brought out some real big guns right now and I am quite pleased xoxo