Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kérastase Elixir Ultime hair oils |Smugnificent

Hair oils are among the most important products for my hair care since many years now and I they never miss my beauty stash. I have tried many different oils the last few years and I have quite a few favourites so I was intrigued to try out the new Elixir Ultime hair oils by Kérastase that Paoletti Public Relations sent to me. 

But before I jump in to the actual review I feel again the need to say how amazing I find Kate Moss in all the promo material of Kérastase since she became their muse. True hair inspiration.

The package I received contained 3 hair oils, the classical version of Elixir Ultime oil which has been around since long and 2 new versions one for colour-treated hair and one for finer hair in a mist form. All 3 come in a white box with the ingredients listed on it and the luxurious bottles in them contain all 100ml of product.

The original Elixir Ultime versatile beautifying oil is a famous hair care product with many fans. It is enriched with Oléo-complexe containing argan, sweetcorn, camelia and pracaxi oils. It is supposed to be appropriate for all hair types, offering nourishment and shine. All Kérastase hair oils have also a thermoprotective and anti-frizze action. I admit I have tried this one in the past and it was not a favourite. It smells nice but it felt a bit heavy on my hair although it is quite thick and strong. For this reason this bottle went straight up to my mum who I know that will fairly enjoy it.

The Radiance beautifying hair oil for colour-treated hair is the one I rushed to try out first. The bottle has a pink tint instead of the deep yellow one of the original version and it comes with the same type of pump (always a plus). This one contains the same combination of Oléo-complexe (corn germ, camelia and argan oil) with imperial tea extract and added pracaxi oil. So the extra ingredient here is the imperial tea extract which helps radiate the true depth of the colour. I loved this version, it feels nicer on my hair and gives it a lot of shine. I use it either as a treatment before shampooing or as a finishing touch at the ends on wet or dry hair.

Last but certainly not least is the Volume beautifying oil mist for fine to normal hair. This is the first hair oil in a mist form I have tried and it left me some great impressions. It contains the same Oléo-complexe with the addition of intra-cyclane, a key ingredient in many hair products adresssed to dull and thin hair. This one comes in a spray glass bottle and needs shaking to mix its 2 different phases before using. The mist is really fine and I spray it through the lengths of my hair a bit more generously than a usual hair oil. It is also supposed to give a bit of volume to the hair so it is certainly perfect for thinner, flat hair. I think this one is my favourite of the 3.

In summary I am very pleased with the 2 new additions to the Elixir Ultime line, a line of products enriched with oils dedicated to luxury care of your hair. Each oil retails for 49CHF in Switzerland  and you need so little that will last you for a very long time, so now it is possible to chose the one which fits best your hair type.

Have you tried the original Elixir Ultime oil or any of the newer versions? Which is your favourite hair oil and how you prefer using it in your hair care routine?


  1. I use and love the original Elixir ultime, but that Oil mist sounds great!
    Also, I love kate Moss, but honestly I find it such a bummer she's wearing hair extensions for this promo, I mean... they could have found a celebrity with natural great hair or something.

    1. I was never a fan of the original but the mist version is wonderful. I believe that they could certainly use Kate Moss with her natural hair in the promo, to be honest although I love long rich hair I don't believe it is necessery to always have a Rapunzel type as the image of all hair care products, there are so many women with different types of hair.

  2. I didn't like them. Passed them on to a friend. I guess it just depends on your hair type and mine just didn't like the formulas.

    1. It certainlz depends on the hair type, the original version never really worked for me but I was quite pleased with the new releases.