Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Insta-Spring 2017 |Smugnificent

As you might have noticed it is been quite some time since I have uploaded an insta-post. I was always on schedule with these in the past but I realised that some months I just ended up posting almost all my instagram photos from that month and I did not feel like the posts offered something to the ones who follow me on instagram. Therefore, I decided to upload these in a seasonal basis. Like this, I enjoy more preparing the posts and I making a small trip down the memory lane of the last few months in order to chose some of the photos that stood out for me.

So this Spring, I travelled quite a lot for work in March and April, maybe a bit more than I wanted. I am like a house cat if you get to know me, travelling is nice provided that it is not too frequent and I get to enjoy my home... Back to back travelling with my work rhythms on top is just exhausting. However, I had quite a nice time  and I have some wonderful memories from these months, during my trips and back in Bern.

If you remember, I was in Paris end of February just for a quick trip to visit a friend and I went back in March for a full week, to discuss and organize some possible future working plans. I don't know if I ever mention it but my main working project is a large international collaboration and I have many wonderful people I work with in different countries, including France. This was a busy week for sure but I enjoyed every bit of free time strolling in the city and of course shopping and I also got the chance to have my first authentic French wine tasting experience. Almost as soon as I was back I left for Essen, to attend a congress and get a prize for my research. I am extremely grateful for this wonderful experience and it was for sure one of the coolest moments of my working career so far. April was my birthday month; my favourite month of all. Although I had to spend my birthday on a working trip in Valencia, this was a really fantastic international meeting and I got the opportunity to catch up with so many people with whom I have really grown close to over all these years. I also had my birthday morning free, to spend with my best work buddy and it was really great. I even got a birthday surprise singing and some birthday cake from the local collaborating group there, they are amazing.

Besides all the travelling, I had many things to celebrate with my friends and colleagues back in Bern: birthdays and name days, awards, getting funding for our projects, some of my master students finishing up their studies...This Spring was one of the happiest for me. I caught up with many friends who I had not seen since long as they changed jobs, moved to other cities or countries. It was great to be reminded that I have met some amazing people here along the way and it is always great to see them and spend time together however busy we are. We also discovered a new amazing brunch place with my friend Thomy and we enjoyed some great food and some nice sunny weather. As expected I also shopped a lot, I found some cool new skincare and makeup bits and I also got me a new camera for my birthday! And oh I got even more into planning, it has become my most enjoyable time, so relaxing.

So that was my happy Spring recap and I am writing these lines the first morning of my vacation, getting ready to go to Disneyland Paris to enjoy the 25th Anniversary celebrations. Summer has certainly the potential to be just as good, it seems!

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